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The first impression as you enter the campus of Shree Niketan Schools leaves a lasting impression. The mammoth structure, aesthetically designed with vast open spaces induces in the students a desire to come to school every day. This forms the first step to joyful learning. Every moment spent here is a part of the learning process. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, coupled with the liberal use of advanced technology in teaching aids, places Shree Niketan Schools way ahead in setting the standard of contemporary education. The creative and imaginative talents of the children in the form of drawings, paintings, crafts, poetry, and projects adorn the walls of the corridors and lobbies. The entire campus is connected through the latest technology and Wi-Fi facility making it a global classroom.

Shree Niketan has vibrant classrooms and specially designed activity rooms with the latest educational tools to make learning more interesting and interactive.

Smart Class

To help break the monotony of the traditional ‘chalk-and-talk method’ and promote interactive teaching, Shree Niketan has installed Digital Smart Boards in its classrooms. The teachers use this latest technology and simplify the lessons taught for better retention. The entire curriculum for the year is well planned and implemented in three terms. Using the latest modern gadgets provided in the classrooms, teachers hone the presentation skills of the students through visual based demonstrations and graphic oriented teaching. The process of learning includes presentations, discussions, case studies, investigations, problem solving, project works, seminars, and other interactive activities. Periodical examinations are conducted and for individual attention students are divided into groups depending upon their comprehension skills.

Scientifically devised assessment systems followed here helps to spot the slow learners and take corrective measures at the earliest. The result is that every student performs to his or her best potential.

Library-Media center

Books are a treasure trove of knowledge that provides a wide range of information on a wide range of subjects to understand the subject better and implement the same. Shree Niketan School confidently believes that technology will never replace the book at anytime. Right from the early stages of the schooling, it encourages a love for reading.

Shree Niketan Library-Media center has a vast collection of books in all subjects, reference books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and interactive CDs, which the students can borrow or refer during the school hours. Weekly classes are organized on book reading, play-acting and storytelling to inculcate in the students the habit of utilising this treasure trove of knowledge. Students are also encouraged to spend their leisure time in the library to explore informative and interesting topics on current affairs or any other subject of their interest.

“The Library-Media center with attached story telling corner acts as an extended classroom. It is a link between the classroom learning and follow up activities.”


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our daily life. Shree Niketan has reacted to the change positively and has established a modern ICT lab that has the latest hardware and software with high-speed Internet connectivity. Students are provided computer education programme that surpasses CBSE stipulations. The school has forged links with a leading software company in the country to provide the learning modules designed exclusively for its students. Professionals assist the students to browse the Internet in a filtered way to gather information related to their projects and ever-changing technology. By using their individual login ID and password, parents can log into the school’s website to access update information about ward’s progress.

English Lab

To improve oral and written communication skills, the school has Modern English Language Laboratory. The course helps the learners speak polished English with correct pronunciation with the help of user-friendly technology.

Science Labs

At Shree Niketan, students are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. To substantiate theoretical expressions and to provide sound practical training, the school has separate and full-fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Environmental Science.

The laboratories are well designed and a lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student’s use. Many meaningful group projects in these subjects are assigned to students with open-ended guidance from the teachers. This gives students a chance to experiment together and to learn the practical implications of the theoretical postulates. The students are also taken out for plant collection for their herbarium. An innovatively designed full-fledged Math lab makes learning this subject interesting and simple, banishing the math phobia existing in the minds of the children.

“Students along with their teachers are encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposia as well as science fairs. Talented students are trained and encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads.”


Shree Niketan believes that creative and performing arts enrich people and communities, and are critical to the understanding of global cultures and the common themes that unite societies. The school has state-of-the-art studios for visual and performing arts. It has established clubs and societies with various activities that form an integral part of a holistic programme used to enhance the imagination and creativity in children.

Music, theatre, dance, visual arts, pottery, debates, stamp collection, gardening, cooking, cultural and literary activities are a few interest-based electives offered to students to pursue. Students and teachers collaboratively design the activities and schedule of these clubs and the focus is always on kindling talents and skills, and then honing them. The school has an aesthetically designed open-air amphitheater to host pep shows and small gatherings.

“Shree Niketan provides a creative and democratic platform for students, teachers, staff and the parents to voice their ideas, opinions and suggestions in its annually printed newsletter.”


The school has a fleet of buses that transports the children and teachers to school from various parts of the city and back home. The bus fleet covers the entire city and thereby makes it convenient for parents to send their children to school on time, safe and comfortably. Every bus has a security guard onboard to ensure the safety of the children in transit. The teachers conduct interesting activities, which keep the children engrossed, and make them look forward to the next trip eagerly.


Elaborate security arrangements have been made in the school premises to ensure the safety of every child. The staff has been provided with proximity cards. Identity cards for students and parents are also issued.


Today, sports is no longer a pastime, it is a serious professional option. In such a scenario, adequate emphasis on sports and other activities is very much in the scheme of things at Shree Niketan Schools.

Physical fitness is the primary objective of such activities that accentuate the need for a collective strategy. The school campuses have a vast playfield for various games and sports like cricket, football, volleyball and basketball that are based on co-ordination, teamwork and game plan.

Students learn to play within the set rules and understand their role in the team and the importance of their respective positions. Adequate measures are taken to facilitate the participation of the talented students in various games at various levels of competitions so that they may shine and win laurels.

“Students of the school are exposed to various sports and games, depending upon their aptitude and liking. A student on selecting a choice is given encouragement and opportunity to attain the highest proficiency in the same.”